Stellar Linear High Bay

ATG’s Stellar Linear High Bay is engineered for high-performance illumination in large indoor environments. The housing’s elegant and versatile design has seen demand in venues ranging from large retailers, indoor gymnasiums, and high-ceilinged shopping centers, to industrial warehouses and distribution centers.

Technical SpeciFications

Input Voltage: 100-277 VAC

Power Consumption: 102W, 161W, 241W, 321W

Dimension: 23.6*14.6*4.5 in, 35.4*14.6*5.2 in

Lumens: 13300lm, 21200lm, 32200lm, 43400lm

Color Temperature: 5000K

Color Accuracy: 85

PF/THD: >0.92/<10%

Housing: Sheet Metal & PC Diffuser

Lighthouse Illumination Linear High Bay

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